OK, tell me …

Construction: Only stacking?





‘Stacking only’ is not flexible enough

Allowing an element only to be stacked on top of another one is a bit limiting… That’s why iFormers are also able to hold on to each other sideways; on all 6 faces. An explosion of possibilities occurs when this is applied to a construction. It also enhances a structure’s stability and it’s bridging of forces.



A construction is about static elements

No, they can move

Movement without the need for having additional tools, workers etc. The intended movement mechanism will allow an iFormer to get out of the interior of a structure by itself in case there is an open path out of the structure. The moving mechanism replaces the picking up or putting down elements by hand. Handling iFormers by hand remains an option though.

Beginning of movement

Multiple iFormers start moving at the same time.

About halfway

Single iFormer movement using a piggyback principle.

End of movement

Arriving and holding on to one another.

Nice. What does it solve and why for me?

Problems which iFormers help solve

One of the main advantages of iFormers is that they can be reused instead of recycled. When an object needs less to no recycling, advantages are interrelated and may for instance be:


  • less waste
  • less byproducts
  • less use of chemical or mechanical techniques (for extracting material out of an object)
  • less object transportation
  • less energy consumption
  • less work to be done
  • less costs


The ‘iFormers Project’ uses ingenuity to engage the ‘resource-problem’.

Why should I continue on this site?

Well, to get to know what The ‘iFormers Project’ is all about and to start believing again that: we can make the world better. Think: MAGIC.

The problem is choice  –  Neo