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When will the first iFormers be commercially available?

Well, Rome also was not built in a day …

Time to market

The ‘iFormers Project’ roadmap has several stages. Currently (april 2014) we are still at the first stage. That’s doesn’t mean that we started from scratch. This project has been ongoing for quite a while now. During that period idea’s have been written down to paper and to computer code.

To tie our roadmap publicly to a time schedule is not wise. For at this stage we don’t know how our encounters deal with time. Thus, when iFormers will be commercially available is not clear right now.


The blog section will provide updates.


1. Research & Development

Accompanied with the ever growing pool of new technology wish lists are generated or updated. Determine which parts of the wish list form the basis for the next product run. The hardware/software development should result in a working prototype or product-service combination having the number of functionalities of the wish list selection.

2. Marketing & Sales

Prepare for production with the results of step 1 in mind. Determine what the best way is for the consumer to have access to the product/service. Allow a limited run of the defined product-service combination edition to be produced. Use tools to go to market, which fit to this step and the previous step best.

3. Analysis

Analyse and update the overall plan/strategy on all levels by taking into account the results of the previous steps. Use several data collection techniques as an addition to this process. Don’t forget to use common sense and thinking. The result is one of the inputs for the next step: innovation.

4. Innovation

Innovate the current product-service combination by adding new or off-the-shelf functionalities. In this way the physical product and it’s accompanied service level are evolving. Increasingly the use cases become better or increase in number. Then restart the cycle with further research & development.

I skate to where the puck is going to be,

not where it has been  –  Wayne Gretzky