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Magnetic Micro robots

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At SRI International some amazing micro robots have been developed. In the video you can see how these tiny robots move very fast across a surface. A surface which steers them by the use of magnetic forces. They can also build things according to this article. How small can robots be in size? Very small. Potentially the nano-scale may be within reach for a number of robot applications.

Here the robots are not part of a structure, but they help with the formation of a structure. A tiny automated workforce so to speak. Swarm robotics may use inspiration from animal life, such as ant colonies. Another term for this is bio-inspired robotics. This research indicates that the field of swarm robotics has just begun and will be a growth market in the future. Our ‘iFormers project’ differs in several aspects form the one at SRI, although generally used techniques may be applicable to both solutions. (Thank you Ibrahim).

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