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What is being done at the ‘ iFormers Project ’ and by whom

Small in size. Big in aspirations.

What is being done

Strategy, vision & innovation

Formulating the ‘iFormers Project’ vision in time. Where will world knowledge and technology be in five or ten years from now and when are certain options available for implementation (hardware parts and use cases) in our project. This includes monitoring fields such as artificial intelligence, robotics and construction. Two continuous tasks are: the regularly updating of the business plan and identifying markets and changes therein and secondly the regularly updating and capturing of trends occurring in our civilization and the states of mind of different groups therein.

Pre-Marketing & communication

Explaining the planted idea and it’s motivations, which started years ago. Doing so by means of promotional material such as this website, video’s, blogging and potentially lectures. Forming ties with experts in the field, companies and (educational) institutions. The project will be opened to complementary partners. Why reinvent the wheel again?

Since iFormers are in development full public disclosure is not an option right now.

Hardware development

We are not dealing with the lesser meaning of design, but with the powerful meaning of design as defined by Buckminster Fuller. Smart combining of form and function results in more than the individual form and function. In that way designing, integrating and specifying the various hardware components for data processing, communication, energy and motion is being done. Also the physical iFormer and inter-iFormer coupling mechanisms are part of the hardware development. For that purpose various iFormers shells and additional modules are being looked at while keeping in mind mass-production of iFormers using different production platforms.

At a latter stage material sciences will determine how iFormers can have differences in composition. Will iFormers be made from wood, plastic or metal? Different applications may require different approaches.

Finance & investments

Keeping the ‘iFormers Project’ going; determining what financial resources should be spent on which project part. Since we assume hardware costs to go down or at least stay the same with more functionalities in the coming years investments are being done on prototyping now. Investing in legal methods for the initial safekeeping of parts of the idea.

Software development

Software implementation which follows the hardware processes. Programming the hardware components. Creating an app with a two folded purpose: first the creating a simulated environment which may act as an on-the-fly learning experience in support for further development steps and second to lay the foundation for allowing the app to be used for a pure virtual game, a hybrid (virtual/real world) game or service as an access point/interface for real world iFormer operations.


For now we only sell the planted idea. No virtual or physical product for a market has been produced or announced.

By whom

Arie Q.B. Brandwijk / Founder

Founder and largest contributor to the ‘iFormers Project’. I’m an entrepreneurial engineer having a MSc. background in building construction technology. A lifelong learner/autodidact with various expertise’s in computer programming and philosophy amongst other areas. I listen to intuition and am motivated like a comprehensive anticipatory design scientist: an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist.

Various / Contributors

Important contributions (paid and unpaid) have been made by various persons, companies and institutions out of our network. However they are not mentioned here. They contributed and (still are contributing) in a wide range of expertise’s such as marketing, legal advise, financial services, product development, information technology and more.

Want to provide a service?

Idea’s, suggestions and other stuff on how to improve the ‘iFormers Project’ are welcome. Also if you think you or your company is able to provide a service from which both parties can benefit and are in line of what is being presented on this website: Feel free to use our contact form. Keep in mind we have spam filters, so make sure your email is genuine. It may also be true that your line of reasoning does not fit ours for reasons we will not always disclose.

Want to become a partner?

A difficult task for us is to determine if a person or a company fits in. Make sure you understand what the scope of the ‘iFormers Project’ is all about and formulate how your partnering may bring the ‘iFormers Project’ to another level. Please use our contact form for this or for other questions.