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Prototype 3D printing

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We’ve received our 3D printer, an Ultimaker 2, a couple of weeks ago. It took almost 3 months since placing the order. A great tool for trying out stuff. First, you have to setup the device. That was easy. Level the glass plate correctly and allow only a piece of paper between the glass plate and the nozzle. Not everything went smoothly, the first print run failed. How so? Some of the material (filament) dripped down where it shouldn’t. When printing parts which have an overhanging structure, the printer needs supports. It’s can’t print in mid-air and remember, this 3D printer prints layer by layer horizontally. After a layer has been printed this printer doesn’t and cannot go back there. The free Cura program does not have the flexibility to edit where support structures are needed. Simplify3D states on their website that they allow editing support structures. I think one definitely needs this feature for printing complex parts. So let’s give it a try with that program. Here is a picture of our Ultimaker 2 in action when starting to print an iFormers prototype part. The machine is illuminated by a kind of neon lookalike LED lights. (Hm, ‘The machine’, perhaps it needs a name? feel free to make suggestions).

And: ‘Yes, the Ultimaker team is dutch‘.

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